Andy Sutton’s Fundraising page


A massive THANK YOU to everyone that has sponsored Andy

He raised a grand total of £750

Thank you to everyone that sponsored him !

One of our society members, Andrew Sutton took part in the Manchester half marathon on Sunday 10th October 2021 raising funds for Stagedoor and our charity Share a Dream, read Andy’s story below.

Andy has raises much needed funds to help the society’s on going costs of putting on our productions. As always, thank you for your ongoing support, we truly can not wait to get on stage doing the thing we love best, hope to see you at our next panto Goldilock & the Three Bears.

  1. Most excellent Andy. Youre looking really good, and you’re really blessed with the number of friends you have. Best of…

  2. Well done Andy! I’m so proud of you. From the friend that you did help get back into running. Now…

Andy’s Story

6 years ago I was at my biggest which was 25 stone, I was drinking week in week out and having many takeaways, I tried to lose weight many times but yo-yo up and down, I managed to get down to 23.5 stone and maintain but I still wasn’t happy, my mental health was suffering and I wasn’t happy. Boxing Day 2019 I got up and looked at myself in the mirror and decided enough is enough and something clicked in my head, it was also an incentive as I wanted to look right on my wedding day, which was 12 months away and for my beautiful fiancée who has helped and supported me all the way through this. My goal was to get down to 17 stone from there I began meal planning, healthy eating using the pinch of nom books cutting out alcohol completely for at least six months and stopped snacking between meals. I started to attend the gym twice a week even if it was only to do 5-10 minutes cardio it was a start and I could build from there. As we went through January to March I began to build up my cardio and confidence and started trying different exercises and the weight was starting to come off and then bang lock down came and everything shut and at first I didn’t know what to do but then I downloaded the couch to 5k app and started following this as a complete novice runner at first it was hard and there were times I wanted to quit but I carried on and managed to get through it but was struggling to get past 2miles and then a neighbour who is now a good friend who I got talking to during the Thursday night claps for keyworkers offered to help me progress further and took me under his wing and pushed me as he was a keen runner. Over the weeks and months over lockdown I started running further and managed to hit the 5k marker and 10k marker and I also started to see the difference in my weight and body as the weight started falling off me. September 2019 I was down to 18stone and was determined to hit my target before the big day but then we got the devastating news that we had to postpone our wedding until this year 2021 due to COVID 19. My head did go down a bit and I struggled to motivate myself and then another friend of mine came along who wanted to get back into running and needed help which gave me an incentive to help and carry on so we started running together by January 2021 I hit my 17 stone target and was happy but I was enjoying my running and I had to maintain my weight now for this year’s big day. I decided I was going to challenge myself and run a the Bolton 10k but unfortunately I was unable to do one as they were unsure if it was going to go ahead so I carried on running and training but the weight kept coming off and I am now so proud to say I have lost 7 1/2 stone and have hit the 16 stone mark and it proves with support and motivation anything is possible. As the Bolton 10k is still not going ahead I have decided to give myself a big challenge to run the Manchester Half marathon for charity as I have never run competitively before and a novice.

I have decided to run to raise funds for Stagedoor & their Share a Dream Charity. When I was out of work a few years ago and struggling mentally, members helped and supported me for which I was truly grateful and helped me get to where I am today. Also performing arts is one of my big passions, during the pandemic charities have struggled and this one is no exception and I want them to get back to putting on productions and helping the local communities.

This is going to be a big challenge for myself and with determination and support I want to complete this. It’s not about time / pace for me this, it’s about completing it, having fun and giving back

Thank you kindly for your donations I know it hard for us all at the moment but anything you can donate will make a big difference to this charity and people in the community.

16 thoughts on “Andy Sutton’s Fundraising page

  1. Well done Andy! I’m so proud of you.

    From the friend that you did help get back into running. Now capable of running 15 miles. Thank you 😊 and Good Luck

  2. Most excellent Andy. Youre looking really good, and you’re really blessed with the number of friends you have. Best of everything for the wedding and the run.

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